World’s first interactive casino Live Lounge Player

Stream UK has teamed up with Buzz luck to deliver the World’s first interactive casino Live Lounge Player., the first online casino to provide on-site entertainment above and beyond everyone’s favourite casino games, announced it has opened for a “public Beta.” The first ever online casino with several differentiating features–an interactive video hostess, an interactive video 3-D lobby and a video Live Lounge–Buzzluck is the first online casino to deliver on the promise of an ”online supercasino.”

This new player can deal with on demand video files and instantly switch to live streaming content at the touch of a button with no loss in quality, time or resolution.

“Online gaming sites have typically been the most boring websites imaginable; we’ve been working to fix that,” explains Alex Czajkowski, eGaming 2.0 founder and former Sportingbet PLC Americas Region marketing director. “So we’re created a site that delivers a larger casino experience, a unique online entertainment experience.” He sums it up: “Even in this Beta release, Buzzluck is never the same place twice.”

The Live Lounge video content is delivered live across the world to internet gamers on the Stream UK Content Delivery Network.

Their development of the site includes an integrated live chat functionality with allows users to interact with the host of the live show, Ion O, whilst he simultaneously presents interesting and relevant video clips to player – a feature unique amongst any current online gambling destinations.