World Book Day becomes Europe’s biggest children’s webcast

StreamUK, the company responsible for live streaming the 2012 World Book Day event released online audience figures today that make World Book Day the biggest European children’s webcast, as well as one of the most watched live streaming events aimed at children in the World.

Students watching the live stream at Scole Primary School, Norfolk.

The event that took place on the 1st March was watched by over 750,000 primary and nursery school children all over the world, with a high number of schools arranging the stream to be broadcast to multiple classes and year groups.

Fiona Uebergang, a teacher at Scole Primary School in Norfolk scheduled the school day especially in anticipation for the webcast:

“We had children from years 3-6 watching the web broadcast to engage them with authors they love and inspire them to go and find out more about those authors and others to source and research books for the school, chosen by them”

“The broadcast made them really focus on what the World Book Day vouchers were for – and hearing the actual authors and seeing they are just normal people who happen to write, really inspired them!”

St Patrick’s National School in Ireland also used the online event to help engage its pupils with literature:

“All the authors held the children’s focus. We had three classes squeezed in (approx 90 pupils) and that added to the atmosphere, they were waving and answering the authors’ questions which was amusing in itself!” – Teacher, Wendy Morgan.

StreamUK built the microsite for the event and managed the registration system allowing tracking of all viewers accessing the online broadcast. The online video platform StreamMP was used to power the video and StreamUK technical support was made available to viewers worldwide.