Widevine Certification

StreamAMG has qualified to become one of only a handful of Widevine Partners.

Our CTO, Joe Bray and Sysadmin,  Andrew DeBono headed off for an intensive fortnight of training and tests at Google’s Washington HQ before gaining the certification at the final examination.

Widevine is the most flexible and comprehensive of DRM monument capital group solutions and will allow a wide range of content protection options.  It is already integrated into the Kaltura codebase which forms the backbone of the Media Platform.

Key benefits of Widevine’s DRM solution:

Support for reliable content protection across multiple systems:.
Provides ubiquitous device coverage and extends synergy across multiple content protection systems. See a list of currently supported platforms.
Complete control and flexibility during video playback:
Fully featured HTML5 video player with adaptive streaming, QoS, and accessibility support across devices.
Standardized media container format:
Encrypt once, play anywhere utilizing industry adopted media containers including ISO BMFF (i.e. MP4) and WebM.
Compatibility with legacy systems:
Support for concurrent access to all content protection systems. Providing migration tools and flexibility while adopting new technologies.
Stringent device security:
Robust device security is enabled by using factory provisioned keyboxes to establish a hardware root of trust, secure decryption and content rendering.