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Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture

The Education sector is evolving and adapting into a new era of digital. Today students are spending more time than ever before with their laptops and tablets, and the demand for interactive digital learning has never been greater. We believe that education can be delivered digitally without the loss of interaction.

Why use lecture capture? Our Lecture Capture solution enhances the learning experience of your collegiate by integrating digital media within your LMS, whilst retaining the value of your educational media when it is delivered. It results in a greater learning experience for students, more flexible teaching options for staff and a better return on investment for the organisation.

Lecture Capture

Easy to use lecture capture tool

Straightforward lecture recording, as well as live streaming functionality, using MS PowerPoint on generic PCs and cameras installed in classrooms.

Student presentations

Watch back your students presentations

Stream Lecture Capture gives you the power to record your marked student presentations. This allows the marker to watch important presentations back before deciding on a final grade and allows more than one individual on the day to view the content and regulate the grade.

Different viewing styles

Consume content in a way that makes sense to you

View via our Picture in Picture, Side by side or Single view viewing options depending on the users requirements or preference. Navigate lectures and content using the chapters feature, ensuring ease of use for those looking for something specific.

Useful for your audience to review presentations, particularly when complex topics are introduced or detailed procedures are performed.

Content protection

Security for your content

Secure your content behind Shibboleth authentication. Stream Lecture Capture contains advanced content protection, with built in geo-targeting, time embargoes, differing user accounts and domain registration.

Flipped Learning

Increasing lecture and seminar engagement

The perfect solution for institutions who want to create a more student focussed and engaging environment. Allow your students to watch the lecture before they arrive, allowing time for deeper discussion during that time instead.

Editing tools

Create instant clips the way you intended

Use editing tools to create new clips and highlights from your existing video content. This can help you to reduce time within your existing online video workflows.

Online training

Record once, use whenever required

Record training sessions or training manuals for your staff or students and upload them to your own LMS. These can then be used whenever they are needed on demand, with no requirement for the training session to have to physically take place over and over again.

Annotate lectures

Ensure that you get your point across

Stream Lecture Capture comes with the functionality to annotate your lecture slides. Want to highlight a key point? Draw a diagram or draw the users focus to a particular area? Our product allows this to be done in an easy to use fashion.

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