Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with video

Video isn’t just glamorous real-estate on your website. Used right, it can be a vital tactic for engaging your audiences in the most effective and memorable way.

For example, studies show that video can double website dwell time and front page Google visibility. It’s a real attention grabber.

A few more juicy facts you should consider:

  • Video is six times more effective than print and direct mail
  • Marketing emails are 90% more effective with video than without
  • The average online video viewer watches 186 videos a month
  • By 2017 69% of internet traffic will be video
  • 65% of viewers visit a marketer’s website after watching a video.

(Source: Forrester Marketing Group)

So, why is video so appealing to us? Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D, has uncovered four human reasons why we’re drawn to video over text:

  • The Fusiform Facial area makes us pay attention. This is an actual brain function that hardwires us to use the human face as a gathering point for information and believability.
  • Voice conveys rich information. The simple sound of a human voice has an amazing way of converting information.
  • The body language of emotions is appealing and contagious for viewers.
  • Movement grabs attention, a trait that runs deep in our collective anthropological DNA.

It’s for these reasons that video should make a core part of your content marketing offer. The benefits include more engaged audiences, brand loyalty and further positive interactions.

Where do you start? Below, we’ll go over the next steps you should consider.


Next steps


  • Start with high quality content and an audience you want to reach. High quality video content isn’t just for broadcasters now, but brands are making use of thoughtful videos to drive ROI.
  • Retain the ownership – uploading to a third party channel means you not only lose control over copyright of the video but more importantly, the user journey. Do you want your audience to be a few clicks away from seeing your competitors’ videos? Don’t build on rented land.
  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine – take advantage. Streamline your YouTube channels with teaser content which push viewers onto your website.
  • Build a beautiful player – now that you’ve enticed viewers to your website, build a player that matches your branding and message. You’ve worked hard to build your brand – don’t put a player that someone else has designed on your site.
  • Take action – understand user habits through in-depth analytics and use them to dictate strategy. Have you discovered a new geographical market? Are your videos too long? Are viewers acting on what they’ve seen and buying your products and/or signing up to your services?

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