The Guardian utilises Media Hub/StreamMP collaboration for the ‘Very short film competition’.

January 2013 saw the launch of The Guardian’s ‘Very Short Film Competition’ – which gave short filmmakers the opportunity to inform and inspire the public.

Students were free to enter the competition and submit a film based on any subject they were passionate about, with just one rule: films could be no longer than 60 seconds in length.

Similar to The Guardian’s previous use of the Media Hub platform for it’s ‘New Europe’ campaign, members of the public were able to submit video content from mobile devices and desktops – the publisher could then moderate and publish the best assets received using the Media Hub platform.

‘The Very Short Film’ competition received a real range of films from a variety of ages, characters and subjects – everything from scuba diving to the economic state of the housing market, the submissions showed a great mixture of academic subjects and topics of personal interest.

The Guardian also used StreamUK’s award winning media platform StreamMP to host the published entries online. The platform enabled the competition videos to be compatible with multiple mobile devices and enabled multi-bitrate streaming to provide the best user experience.

The ‘Very Short’ Introductions editor Andrea Keegan said: “Ranging from artistic to zany, I learned a lot, and had lots of fun watching them. The longlist represents both a wide range of subjects – from the history of film to quantum locking – and a huge range in the approaches taken to get the subjects across in just one minute.”

The competition is currently in its shortlist stage, using public votes to determine the winner. Take a look at the ‘Very Short’ shortlist.