Technical Release: Superfast HLS Delivery

The recent switch from Flash to HTML5, with Facebook and Chrome being the latest big players to discontinue Flash support, has resulted in increased latency in the delivery of content from many streaming media providers.

While high latency is not a big issue for video-on-demand, it has huge implications for web conferences and the gambling and sports industry where seconds of delay equate to revenue being lost.

StreamAMG has developed a solution that combines the stability, platform compatibility and scalability of HLS with the low latency of Flash. This was achieved by developing a super-light player and leveraging our high-level tech and business partnerships with Akamai and Cloudfront.

These updates have allowed the creation of smooth players, with a latency of 4 to 6 seconds – a big improvement over the standard 20 – 30 seconds. Our players remain device agnostic and backed by a rapid and global CDN.

If you would like to know more about our Superfast HLS Delivery then why not get in contact at or speak with an expert at 0800 061 2361.