Technical Release: StreamLC HTTPS and LMS Integration + Chaptering Updates


The need for universities to be assured that their content is secure is becoming greater and greater. Many institutions are converting their learning management (LMS) to HTTPS to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdroppers.

This is especially important within a universities’ LMS, where vital information is stored such as exam grades and the private details of students.


StreamAMG has worked hard to ensure that its StreamLC lecture capture plugin is compatible with HTTPS sites. This newly released feature has meant that educational content can still be hosted on the newer, more secure LMS’s.

This update goes hand in hand with our brand new Blackboard integration, one of the largest LMS providers in the world. Just like with our Moodle integration, content recorded through StreamLC will now appear within the specific course pages in Blackboard.


Our latest improvements also bring updates to our chaptering feature within StreamLC. Chaptering with text extraction makes your content searchable and indexed, a feature that completely revolutionises the way in which users are able to consume your content. Now students can quickly search for content that they may have missed or are specifically focussed upon, with our system immediately taking them to that part of the slides and presentation.

If you are looking for a way to ensure your content and recorded lectures are protected and integrated into your LMS, then why not get in touch at or call us at 0800 061 2361.

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