Technical Release – Stream MP Player Update v2.55

In response to growing audiences watching online video on mobile devices, we’ve developed Player Update v2.55. Here’s a summary of the key features added in this technical release:

Muted auto play on Safari Desktop

Our players now support video auto play on Safari Desktop, but muted. These videos play automatically on Safari, but stay muted until clicked. It’s an eye-catching but unobtrusive way to draw in viewers.

Muted auto play on iOS

We can also support muted auto play for iOS, which can be toggled on or off for Apple mobile users.

iOS online playback

This feature means that the video does not play as full screen automatically and sits within the page. The end user can still watch in full screen though if they wish. We built this feature with all iOS devices in mind.

All of these features can toggle on or off in the studio section of MP. If you would like to find out more get in contact with your account manager. If you are not a client but would still like to know more you can get in touch at or call us at 0800 061 2361.