Technical Release: Stream Media Platform Player Upgrades

At StreamAMG we are constantly working to ensure that our multi award winning OVP – Stream Media Platform, remains at the forefront of the streaming technology world. Read below to find out what our development team has in store in our newest technical release:


VAST or “Video Ad Serving Template” is a way for video players to communicate with ad servers to determine what sort of ads should play, how long for, whether viewers can skip them and a host of other features.

With the release of the new vast API, StreamAMG has ensured that StreamMP has the best levels of support and integration. With video advertising becoming an ever more powerful force, we have been working tirelessly to make sure that your content can be monetised in the most secure and stable manner.

Closed Captions

Additional improvements to the ease and appearance of our captioning, which offers a far better alternative to the usual transcripts you might find on video services.

Improved DVR

Joining a live stream mid-way through does not necessarily mean that you have missed everything. With DVR you can simply rewind a video, just as you would with on-demand content. Our improvements in DVR affords much greater stability, as well as improved speeds when seeking and replaying the live stream.

Dual Screens

Further work has gone into our dual screen players to ensure they support more browsers and browser versions, along with better overall stability to match StreamAMG’s commitment in providing as flexible a solution as possible for your streaming requirements.

Improved Cache Efficiency

Upgrades have been made on improving the cache efficiency of the manifests on the player. Essentially what this means is that our solution can now handle more concurrent users with far greater efficiency.

Hls.js by Default

Perhaps the most important update to our players is the fact that all clients will be loaded on hls.js by default. This means that there is absolutely no flash components, which as discussed before in previous articles is no longer supported by many modern systems. Instead all players operate on HTML5 technology, ensuring the best levels of security.

Android Upgrade

Further work has been carried out, in this technical release, on ensuring our players are up to date with the latest versions of Android. This means that phone battery life lasts longer while watching any content on our players too.

DASH (early beta stages)

Introducing the capability of DASH playback for both live and VOD – DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP). DASH is a way of segmenting data into different bitrates which are then selected by the client depending on the network quality. The highest possible quality is always automatically selected by the client, but can change on the fly. What this means is that re-buffering is minimised and the stream can react to sudden changes in bandwidth quality. At the moment this feature is currently in its beta stage but check back in a couple of weeks to hear about our progress on it!

If you wish to hear more about our latest technical release then why not get in touch at or call us on 0800 061 2361.