StreamUK release Stream MP, the next generation Online Media Platform, built on Kaltura

Media Platform

Stream UK Media Services Limited this week announced the release of its next generation online media platform, Stream MP. Built on Kaltura’s existing platform Stream MP handles all aspects of online video. Content will be delivered across the Level 3 CDN, a sophisticated and proven content delivery network. Added to this, Stream UK will offer support, consultancy, maintenance and integration, providing a fully serviced solution for content owners of all sizes across the UK and Europe.

“The proliferating requirement for third party integration makes OVP the fastest moving area in our industry.  The tremendous resources that open source collaboration bring, means that our online video proposition will always be cutting edge.  We’re genuinely excited to be releasing the Media Platform – built on Kaltura and delivered by Level 3,” says StreamUK CEO Duncan Burbidge.

Stream MP will replace Stream UK’s previous video management system, VMS 2.0., and enable clients new and old to seamlessly add-on key new features and services to their offering, including adaptive, mobile, and HD streaming, integrated advertising solutions and more flexible editing, management and user options.

The platform itself is already used by over 55,000 web publishers, service providers, and developers to enhance their websites, web-services, and web-platforms with advanced customised video, photo and audio functionalities, including publishing, management, syndication, monetisation and analysis, as well as content uploading and remixing.

or more information please contact Stream UK on 0207419 1820 or