StreamUK prepares for World Book Day ‘The Biggest Book Show On Earth’.

Last year StreamUK helped the World Book Day live up to its name as it streamed the event to children and school classes all over the country.

The World Book Day event takes place every year and features some of the world’s most popular children’s authors, filmed live in London and broadcast online to thousands of viewers.

The 2012 WBD webcast claimed to be the biggest ever European children’s webcast with over 750,000 school children tuning in. High numbers of schools throughout the UK and Ireland scheduled the event into the school diary as they assembled school classes into halls and gyms to watch the stream in large numbers.

Fiona Uebergang, a teacher at Scole Primary School in Norfolk said, “We had children from years 3-6 watching the web broadcast to engage them with the authors they love – this inspired them to go and find out more about them and research the books for school”.

StreamUK provided telephone and email technical support for viewers as they tested bandwidth and connectivity ahead of the live broadcast, guaranteeing the best streaming quality. Teachers were also able to submit questions on behalf of the children to the Authors to find out more about their favourite books.

“All the Authors held the children’s focus. We had three classes squeezed in (approx 90 pupils) and that added to the atmosphere. They were waving and answering the authors’ questions which was amusing in itself!” – Teacher, Wendy Morgan.

StreamUK is already preparing for the technical support, production and streaming of the 2013 Biggest Book Show On Earth, which hopes to break another record this year.

As well as streaming the event live on it’s online video platform (StreamMP), StreamUK will also use its satellite truck to beam a live feed to a selected number of Picture House theatres that will also be showing the event.

Taking place between 11am and midday on Thursday 7th March, the WBD event will be free to view on the WBD website (REGISTER HERE) – with tickets on sale for local cinemas for £2.50 per student.