StreamUK help McFly reach iPhone users from Wembley Arena

McFly fans were in for a digital delight last week when the band announced they were to stream their Wembley concert live to iPhone and internet fans that couldn’t make the gig.

The initial consultation that took place with StreamUK, brought about a huge technological requirement that would see over 2 kilometres of fibre optic and copper cables used as well as two telecast python systems based under the stage and the front of house.

In order to get a satisfactory internet connection, StreamUK ran another 200 meters of fibre optic cable along the outside of the stadium to the satellite to secure a suitable position.

StreamUK’s manager for the event Tobin Taylor said: “As in any event making sure that every one is able to communicate clearly is key, which is why even our communications system had redundancies built in from the start. As engineers we leave nothing to chance ensuring that back up systems are in place for everything from the copper to the comms.”

The sheer size of the Wembley event was a strong indication that more and more artists are using the medium of online streaming to meet their fans through multiple platforms. The streaming quality and consumer volume was also a testament to the growing requirement for accessible content, the capabilities of modern technology and the expert production management.

The application which cost £2.99 also featured pre-gig features and a number of bonus features, accessible to McFly fans all over the world. StreamUK are currently still consulting agencies and artists on how they can make the most of their live and on demand content via the internet.