StreamUK give the Duchess’ christening ceremony a global audience

Princess Cruises were ready to launch their new flagship luxury cruise liner but they had one problem.

It’s OK though, it was a nice problem to have.

The Duchess of Cambridge was due to officially christen the new ship and they knew the eyes of the world would be on Kate Middleton and the ceremony. So, how best to take that international audience and try to put the attention on them?

The answer?

Stream the official ceremony live on the Princess Cruise site and invite the thousands of potential viewers to watch the christening as it happened. Once this was decided, StreamUK were brought on board to make it happen.

The client needed a media player that could fit in with their site branding and be available to thousands of viewers all using different platforms, connection speeds and devices. They also wanted to open up the experience by adding a Twitter plug-in that aggregated social media users’ commentary as the event unfolded. We said a big “No Problem!” to both of those requests and started to plan for the big day. StreamUK’s Media Platform is already equipped to handle multi bit rate and mobile streaming and we branded it specifically for Princess Cruises.

We sorted the satellite ingest of the broadcast feed, the hosting and planned for thousands of flag waving users. In went the Twitter plug-in at the final stage, and things were ready to go. Now, while it was the ship’s first public outing, a huge amount of public attention was driven by the ceremony being Kate’s last solo public outing before she officially takes maternity leave and so interest in the event ramped up as the big day approached.

As it turned out, tens of thousands of users watched Kate smash a £1,250 Nebuchednezzar of Moet across the hull of the Princess Royal and Media Platform allowed them all to be right there with her. The feed also appeared on other sites including The Huffington Post and Princess Cruises were proven to be right about their call to stream the event online as thousands of people checked out their cruises and details on the new luxury liner.

The message seems to be pretty clear, if you want to engage users, there’s little else as good as great video content.


The whole ceremony is still available to watch on the Princess Cruises website