StreamUK give support to new UK television series ‘Animal Mechanics’

The new television series shall report on the efforts of Tony Nevin in North Thailand, who travels the world treating wild animals from elephants and rhino to otters and wild birds of prey.

StreamUK shall be providing technical support from the UK to the crew in Thailand, and StreamUK’s newest platform ‘Stream MP’ shall be used  by the crew for all of their on-demand footage. The Akamai global network shall be used for the live streaming as well as a StreamUK consultancy on what hardware solutions to use.
“Filming is planned for the middle two weeks in April. During this time Thailand celebrates New Year with colourful displays. The elephants at the centres take part honoured and revered as royal creatures for their invaluable contribution to Thai life and their carers; Mahouts”

“We will be filming this and other aspects of elephant life for example; deforestation and the banning of teak logging which has left many elephants redundant and unwanted alongside the treatments that Tony will be administrating” – Animal Mechanics

Will Rea is the StreamUK Account Manager currently managing the project: “Not only is it always a great privilege to be a part of something so noble, but it is also happening on the other side of the world, which is great for StreamUK as it demonstrates our ability to maintain the same level of commitment, wherever the client is operating”