The future for streaming live sports

Duncan Burbidge, CEO, gave a talk on streaming live sports at the global SPTalks 2015: Innovations in Digital Media.

The focus for the event was to discuss creating, delivering and monetizing digital sports content. StreamAMG was chosen to talk about its experience in streaming live sports.

Duncan was invited to talk about what we’ve learned from 2015. This has been a brilliant year for growth, where we’ve taken to building platforms for regional sports federations. In the summer of 2015, for example, the LNP (Italian Basketball League) appointed StreamAMG to build a direct-to-consumer streaming product.

This meant building the whole experience for the end user: an intuitive website, a subscription and payment service, and the seamless delivery of HD video on an infrastructure that can handle thousands of concurrent viewers, globally.

We’re looking at more opportunities for streaming live sports, as technology and viewing habits are changing. In particular, fans are now taking to the web to watch so-called ‘niche’ sports. These are sports which have been ignored by traditional broadcasters.

At the event, Duncan revealed the 3 opportunities for teams and federations to improve revenue and engage with their fan base.

Duncan Burbidge, CEO, talks through our technology stack for streaming live sports

Duncan Burbidge, CEO, talks through our technology stack for streaming live sports

Download the presentation to find out the 3 opportunities for niche sports in live streaming

The slides cover:

  • Building direct to fan video propositions with subscriptions and special offers
  • Using social media with live video to hook fans into the games they’re missing (and to capitalise on the huge social followings a number of clubs have)
  • Capitalising on opportunities to serve content for fans of niche sports and smaller teams.

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