Breaking the Digital Shackles – New StreamAMG Article in FCBusiness Magazine

StreamAMG has yet again written a piece in the market leading industry magazine – FCBusiness Magazine. FCBusiness is the business magazine for the UK & Republic of Ireland football industry, serving as a practical guide to those involved in the business of running a football club at every level. Published since 2004, FCBusiness is now at the forefront of the football industry.

“UK football is about to enter into an exciting new digital era, marked by the end of the decade’s long FLi central website, video and audio delivery deal originally consisting of 89 clubs across 6 divisions. Clubs are now free to exit this deal, take back control of their digital inventory and regain commercial control of websites, WebTV services, apps and more. With the lengthy lock in period over for the central digital deal, many UK football clubs have embraced this chance to break free and take control of their digital future, both commercially and technically…”

This month our article explores the exciting options facing the FLi central website leaver clubs and explores how many teams are taking the opportunity to take control of their digital futures.

The full article is available here on page 34.

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