Stream UK webcasts the Economic Crisis and the Crisis in Economics.

On April 9-10 Cambridge Judge Business School used Stream UK to stream the Institute of Economic Thinking (INET) conference live from Kings College.

More than 150 academic, business and government policy thought leaders from around the world convened at Kings College in Cambridge to explore the reasons why prevailing economic theory failed to predict the recent financial and economic crisis.

Due to the exclusivity of invitations to the session rooms themselves, Judge Business School created several auditoriums, including a state-of-the-art lecture theatre, to allow a similar experience to others.

At short notice,  Stream UK’s team were responsible for encoding a live video feed and delivering it at a quality high enough for audiences to watch on a plasma screen. Feedback from all parties was fantastic.

“You’re guys were great. Most helpful throughout the event. The quality of the webcast was high. They kept in contact with us throughout and it went very smoothly” Dave Amann, Judge Business School.

We look forward to more events like it.