Stream UK launches VMS 2.1

Last week Stream UK released its new and improved video management system –Stream UK VMS 2.1 – maintaining the company’s position at the forefront of online content management and distribution. With web users spending more time than ever watching online video content, it has become a key business area for businesses of all shapes and size. Our product allows the user to get content online quickly, with its value retained in formats that can be seen by billions and delivered on a network that can cope with global demand.


At the heart of the product is the Media Manager which allows you to upload video or audio files in a range of formats from your desktop and immediately have them streamed.  We’ve upgraded the inbuilt media players, which now include more media sharing features to encourage user distribution. The new Web TV package includes a sleek new player, and allows you to quickly create playlists or channels and present an intuitive and attractive interface to your viewers – at the most cost-effective price available in the current market.


The new statistics package has been expanded and re-designed to now offer the most accurate and intuitive reporting tool available. The integrated system allows you to immediately access all the key data you need to conduct analysis on your content and online strategy : you can see where your users have come from; what they’ve watched; when they’ve watched it; and what devices they’ve been using, as well as monitoring your ongoing storage and data delivery.


Finally, the upgrade of our transcoding farm offers, delivers against the all important speed-to-market concern. You can batch upload video and audio files in a variety of formats for automated transcoding to your desired output format ready for immediate streaming. The new system allows you to see minutes transcoded, the content queue, and an expanded code library.


Stream UK’s VMS system is used by a range of clients, from global corporations to leading digital agencies and niche content providers. Current users include BBC News, Ideal TV, The British Council, and Grey London.