Stream MP generates large interest from Social Media groups

The Social Media World Forum is a great place to see the pioneering of tomorrow’s online social integration.

As the only online streaming provider at the event, we found ourselves answering all kinds of questions as to how managing media content online can be enhanced by the use of social media, a topic we know all too well!

Some of our most recent case studies demonstrate perfectly how ones commercial requirements can be enhanced with the help of social media activity. Product launches and live events are an opportunity to create a buzz online, but video orientated websites and content owners are now asking as to how they can maintain a consistent social media following and build an online fan-base.

This year we spoke about the success of ‘Black Box’ – the music showcase streamed live to huge audiences online. The project was a testament to the importance of social media within contemporary projects, it was also a great example of how a streaming series can generate a trend and large interest socially, simply by knowing your target market and utilising social tools effectively.

The functionality of ‘Stream MP’ is becoming the solution for many bespoke requirements. It has become clear that just being ‘mobile friendly’ isn’t good enough anymore, people want optimisation that enables more potential for mobile and social media.

It is essentially the pace and ever-evolving behaviour of social media that has technology racing to meet the demand. Michael Nutley (Editor in Chief of New Media Age) made the claim yesterday that; “The pace of change in new media means that even two-year-old websites can be out of date”, adding to the interest that all social media thinkers have; ‘to keep things fresh and compatible for tomorrow’.

It was for this reason Stream MP generated a large interest from social media fanatics at the SMWF event, acclaimed not only as an effective online video tool, but also for its momentum in meeting the requirements of new and social media. In line with Stream UK’s development pipeline, Stream UK continues to offer a bespoke media platform that evolves in response to user activity.