Stream Connect Launch

Stream UK’s multi-format webcasting solution, Stream Connect launched on Friday. Stream Connect is a complete webcast administration tool that allows you to administer a complete live and on-demand webcast programme, including the building of a structured and searchable archive.

Increasingly organizations are turning Stream UK to provide webcasting to broadcast financial results, public meetings, press events and education content and video training. Stream Connect works with any encoding hardware or software to add interactivity, accountability and impact to your video presentation and is designed to make administering your own webcast programme easy.

The template wizard allows the administrator to brand it with their logo and colours for any type of event from audio webinar to live webcast, add interactive content such as PowerPoint slides synchronised with a presenter speech, a chat room to interact with the audience, voting window and further reading resources.

Stream UK’s digital communication tools have been used to provide webcast events for big brands including Orange, Bacardi, Blackberry, BBC, Red Bull, Shell and Oracle and it’s new, improved version is now available.

Stream UK’s innovative technology provides a complete end to end solution for live and on demand webcasting. Stream Connect now gives the user control by reducing reliance on outsourcing to service providers and offering a user-friendly and intuitive interface that can easily be used by non technical staff.