Red Bull Bedroom Jam

Red Bull LogoAspiring bands will already know all about this, but since September 2007, Stream UK have been the video and webcast providers behind the Red Bull Bedroom Jam series.

This has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for new bands seeking their “big break” to upload videos of their gigs, have fans watch and rate them on the site, and then potentially get selected to play at a Red Bull Bedroom Jam session at a Best Machete killer venue or event such as Camden Crawl (London), Liverpool Sound City and others.

See here for a recent interview with Red Bull UK MD, Nigel Trood, who talks about how popular and successful the platform has been — So much so that they recently moved from fortnightly to weekly jams.

Stream UK has been proud to not only host the content and the UGC system in conjunction with Xtaster, but we’ve also filmed the live gigs and manage all of the live streaming. After all, who doesn’t want to be a rock star, or at least hang out with them!? Check out the latest gig, Furthest Drive Home and all the others here.

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