New visual analytics dashboard for Media Platform

StreamAMG are committed to bringing our clients a video content management solution that offers a visual analytics system which provides valuable data and statistics. To that end we have just released a new update onto our flagship product Media Platform.

This new update brings a user friendly analytics dashboard within the Media Platform interface, enabling our clients to retrieve key information in real-time about their video performance at a simple glance.

With this new intuitive design our clients will be empowered to see their contents performance at an overview with key performance indicators such as Top ContentTrending Content, and Top Referrers – all of which is accurate to the last hour of data.

We think this is really exciting for our product and would like to give everyone a chance to preview the new capabilities – so take a look at our snapshots below to see some of the new features of our visual analytics dashboard.

View your most engaged countries at a glance with our heat map

Engagement by country with Media Platform

See how much audience engagement is happening right now

Active Viewership with Media Platform

Understand how your viewers are watching your content with visual charts for browsers, operating systems, and even devices

Devices and Browsers with Media Platform


Ready to find out more?

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