Webcasting Product News: Frame-Accurate Live Switching Player

The frame-accurate switching between cameras ensures a seamless audio experience. This is vital for high-quality music webcasting.



The choice of four viewing angles adds real value to multi-camera shoots and is ideal for events where the audience is likely to want to focus on different angles, or follow a particular player/car/boat around a track/course/field.

The StreamUK Live Switching Player includes:

  • Frame accurate switching between four cameras
  • Adaptive bitrate delivery of up to HD-quality
  • Quality assurance from the frontpage-of-YouTube stress test!
  • Rapid deployment

Figure 1 – the player on the homepage of YouTube

Technical features

1. StreamUK utilises Adobe’s dynamic stream switching functionality to ensure frame-accurate switching between cameras.

2. The keyframe synchronisation works when the user chooses a different thumbnail view. The next release of the player will replace the thumbnail images with actual video.

3. Ingest is recommend to be done using four Spinnaker 8100 encoders which each produce a four bitrate stream. An external time reference is to be used, which ensures synchronisation remains for the duration of the event.

4. The Tier1 Level3 CDN delivers the content to viewers, which ensures quality to super-high volumes. The player includes multi-bitrate deliver to ensure the best quality to the end user and content can be geo-restricted to any audience.

5. Production should be fully HD, and this allows the top level stream to be HD – actually H264, 1280×720 at 2.2Mbps.

6. The player itself is built on the Media Platform codebase – a derivative of the Kaltura Open Source/OSMF framework which allows rapid deployment and includes client-side statistics that mean immediate reports for the content owner.