Media Platform Analytics – A quick guide to help you make the most of your MP account

In this quick guide we are going to be going through the in depth analytical offerings of our keystone product Media Platform, to show how you can be using it to understand and improve your video content.

The first view (above) when entering your Media Platform analytics is the real-time dashboard, this view immediately gives you a view of what your top content is by viewers along with what videos are trending. The geographical heat map in the centre can be used to pinpoint exactly where your viewership is located in the world, even down to the city. A full breakdown of platforms, browsers and devices is also provided so that you know exactly how your viewers are watching your content.

Finally there is a list of where are your top referrers i.e. from which websites is most of your viewing traffic coming from.

The second view (above) shows the bandwidth and storage report. The purpose of this report is to show you another way of measuring audience numbers and engagement, this can be especially useful for more in depth measurements in relation to costs.

The content delivery view (above) gives the exact numerical data of how many plays, the time viewed in total, the average viewing time, player impressions (how many times people see the player within the webpage), play to impression ratio (the ratio between how many see the player and how many hit the play button), the average drop off and the bandwidth required for the delivery.

All of this data can be further sorted by entry, location, referrer, player and date.

The final tab (above) shows the viewer retention screen, this gives a depiction of how far through the video viewers reach. The viewer heat map shows the exact points where viewers reach within a video.

Again like the page above this data can be filtered by entry, location, referrer, player and date.

How does all this help when using Media Platform?

– If your impressions to plays ratio is low, then perhaps consider creating more exciting titles for your videos or more eye catching thumbnails to draw potential viewers in.

– If the viewer heat map shows a significant drop off at certain points then review the content in the video, perhaps viewers are either bored or put off by certain aspects. A particular segment in your content could be unpopular, thus in future videos consider removing it and going in a different direction.

– If the geographical map shows that larger and larger audiences are tuning in from unexpected parts of the globe consider rolling out captions in the appropriate language. By taking those steps to make your content more accessible to them, you can help cultivate a growing loyal viewership base that you never expected previously.

– Check where your main referrals are coming from, and then tailor your content so that it appeals to the typical demographic of that website to further drive traffic. For instance if you wish to drive viewers from twitter consider shortening the length of your videos while providing a link to longer form content in the tweet. Use the initial interest to bait viewers to your own website.

– Look at what dates you receive the most viewers and plan your release schedule accordingly, are your viewers watching your content more on weekends or weekdays? Do certain videos receive huge spikes in traffic on public holidays?

– If certain content is trending, look into why it might be. Is your video content relevant to a particular story in the news at the moment, perhaps consider pushing more content pertaining to the topic? This is further aided by our categories feature, which means that content which shares the same tags and metadata can be added automatically to a playlist. These playlists can then be pushed in exactly the same way providing viewers with all the content they need immediately.

– Are certain players receiving more views than others, it might be worthwhile to customise the players with your logos and branding. People are always more likely to watch a video if it looks like an official part of your brand. Or on the other hand if you have too many overlays and graphics, people might find it off putting, so make sure the overlays are relevant to the audience and do not hinder the enjoyment of the video.

Those are just a few pointers of how you can use the Media Platform’s analytics to improve your digital content strategy to increase viewers and traffic. We hope you enjoyed this guide, if you would like further information regarding Media Platform then why not get in touch with our expert client services team who are more than happy to hear your queries: just email at