Measuring the success of technical marketing for the LNP

We’re celebrating our first six months of working with the LNP (Italy’s National Basketball League). Our Italian team are now measuring the growth of the service and the actual impact of the technical marketing on the performance of the service. Its use allows for an average increase of 34%.

The service is now seen as industry leading, receiving coverage in Wired Italia’s recent article on sports OTT subscription services.

Alessandra Buano, Country Manager for Italy and Spain, presented the results at LNP’s workshop following the All Star Game 2016.


Alessandra Buano giving a talk to the LNP on technical marketing

Alessandra Buano giving a talk to the LNP

What is technical marketing?

Technical marketing is the work we do to help our clients convert more subscriptions on their service. This is especially important for the LNP, where we constantly have to think of new ways to engage their customer base to subscribe. In return, customers receive access to all the live matches and VOD of the 32 teams in the League of A2.

Social network is a key channel, as so many of the teams’ fans follow their own team or the LNP’s official social accounts. Our team captures a highlight from a live game, creating a clip lasting between 10 and 30 seconds and then publishes it on the socials of teams and leagues. In this way, there is an increase in the traffic to the services’ landing page, which encourages customers to subscribe and catch the rest of the game. This tool can be used for any type of event, sport related and otherwise.

Alessandra identified some points to develop the product. Watch this space, as LNP will implement new features in order to improve its digital strategy and further increase the number of subscribers.

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