Maximising the value of online video: A toolkit for stress-free video content management

How does removing stress from video curation result in more viewers watching more content, for longer? StreamAMG’s Chief Operating Officer Matt McKiernan explains how a smarter video content management system unlocks the value in your archive and provides a better OTT experience for viewers and fans.

Stress-free online video content management

Online video is among the most engaging mediums, with the ability to draw in new viewers and satisfy the appetite of loyal customers and fans. However, without the right video content management tools, it becomes much harder to engage individual users and realise the full potential of your content. If you can’t deliver content according to a viewer’s properties and preferences, or easily categorise and retrieve videos you already have, opportunities for engagement are missed and viewing times suffer.

To get the most value out of your online video and provide the best experience for your users, you need to be able to provide a personalised experience and flexibly manage your video assets. The main obstacle is usually the sheer time and effort required to create and maintain multiple streams of content to serve differing audiences. Content managers need tools that deliver experiences specific to user viewing behaviour, preferences, and location without the manual, time-consuming work that can entail.

Speed is also crucial; content managers have to react to events in real-time to capitalise on trending topics. If you have to manually search through an archive, check, edit and upload multiple times, you will struggle to reliably hit deadlines and make the most of opportunities and events.

Video content management can be stressful without the right tools

Moving beyond manual curation

To maximise the value of your online video and engage your users, you need to be able to flexibly manage your video assets, publish quickly and provide a customised experience. Above all, you need to remove the stress and hassle of manually organising, curating and re-uploading that gets in the way of creating the best possible experience for your viewers and the highest possible engagement for your video assets.

Here at StreamAMG, we found these issues were consistently raised by our clients, but particularly in the world of sport. Connecting with fans in multiple territories under different licencing restrictions creates extra work to curate content, enormous archives of video content can be unwieldy and hard to access, and the time pressure of reacting to results and events often prevents content managers delivering anything more than basic, one-size-fits-all content.

The collective result is lost potential and a sub-par experience for fans. Building on our expertise across online video, our technical team sought to create a flexible video content management solution to empower organisations to manage their video assets more effectively and present users with a more dynamic experience.

CloudMatrix – flexible video content management and distribution

CloudMatrix is an online video curation system that allows content managers to create and serve bespoke rule-based feeds of video content, which are delivered via API and update automatically when new relevant content is uploaded. The unique feed based architecture allows you to present dynamic content instantaneously according to rules filtering content properties and user preferences, location and subscription status, and gives you complete control over your archive.

The system is incredibly flexible, designed to simplify the build and delivery of OTT services and the editorial workflow; content managers can react to events in real time to quickly compilate and publish content on the fly on mobile, saving vital time and ensuring they can latch on to trends. It also accommodates bespoke metadata, integrates with third party data feeds such as Opta, and back-end fields and rules can be fully customised. Best of all, content properties auto-populate in real time, reducing the load on content editors and ensuring you and the viewer can access the very latest content quickly and easily.

The best possible viewing experience

The viewer benefits from a seamless viewing experience. After watching a video that piques their interest, they are presented with ‘Netflix-style’ playlists of relevant content with rolling autoplay. Fans get easy access to boxsets of videos that combine the latest uploads with on-topic old favourites. To take an example from the world of sport, a Wolves fan who re-watches Raúl Jiménez scoring a last-minute header to win that day’s game can immediately revel in classic game-winning headers without having to lift a finger, or be presented with all Jiménez’s goals at home this season – whatever the content manager judges will engage them and fuel their fandom.

Viewers can also create their own content experience by applying filters themselves, giving them easy access to whatever video content from your archive interests them. Content can be personalised with each user’s content generated on page load, allowing for a deep customisable experience. Not only does it provide the best possible experience for your viewers, but it allows you to leverage your entire archive with ease.

Wolves TV uses CloudMatrix to manage video content

Since its launch late last year CloudMatrix is already in use with organisations such as Sunderland AFC, the Professional Darts Corporation and the Press Association. The video content management technology has already gained recognition in the world of sport, winning Silver in Best Use of Technology in Football at the Football Business Awards, with the judges hailing “a new innovation for back end media work; this product addresses supporters insatiable desire for more, quicker and higher quality content.” Most recently the system was nominated for the prestigious Yahoo Sports Technology Awards for Best Digital Technology alongside the likes of IBM’s Watson AI.

Ultimately, you can rely on CloudMatrix flexibly manage and deliver your video assets with ease, so you get more viewers engaging with your video, for longer. To find out more about how CloudMatrix takes the stress out of content curation and maximises the potential of your video assets, email or speak to an expert on 0800 061 2361.