Graduations and Live streaming at Canterbury Christ Church University: No excuse for missing out!

For the past three years StreamAMG has handled the production and management for the live streaming of student graduations at Canterbury Christ Church University.

The graduation ceremonies are taking place right now in the fantastic setting of Canterbury Cathedral, a venue steeped in history, but not so great for internet connectivity. Our expert production team has built a dedicated KA satellite solution to ensure that the live streams are running at optimum speed and quality.

This allows people to tune in from the Canterbury Christ Church University website at:

Our detailed analytics features show the resounding success of our solution in connecting those from around the world, who could not attend the ceremony. In just the past hour we logged 761 individual viewing sessions, viewed on a wide range of devices (50% of which were on a mobile phone), across 5 different continents (shout out to those watching all the way over in New Zealand!).

Next week we are continuing the live streaming in Rochester Cathedral.

StreamAMG prides itself in providing Universities with the capability for their students to receive all the support and love from their friends and families across the world on what is the most important day of celebration of their academic lives. From us at StreamAMG, have a fantastic day and congratulations on your successes!

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