January 2013: Media Hub submissions peak to highest ever

The online media and streaming expert StreamUK released figures this week from its UGC ingest and publishing platform, showing its highest ever usage since its launch nearly 10 years ago.

Used by publishers and broadcasters such as The Guardian and BBC, the Media Hub platform made national news in 2012 after the Metropolitan Police enquired about its capacity as a criminal evidence system ahead of the Olympic games. 

During the UK riots a year earlier, Media Hub was utilised by broadcasters to receive mass amounts of image and video assets from the public to cover what eventually escalated into a widespread event. The platform was used for content moderation, using the best assets to add visual commentary which could also help in monitoring developments.

However, despite national events in 2012 such as the London Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, StreamUK noticed significant media submission increases with extreme weather such as flooding and snow. Periods of extreme weather become tent-pole events within the Media Hub calendar, showing a substantial peak in media submissions from members of the public.

In January 2013, image and video submissions to BBC News reached a staggering total of 18,528 – as much of the UK was affected by snow which was followed by floods as temperatures grew.

Friday 18th January showed a rise of over 1000% in submissions, as Airports closed across the country due to severe weather. That day alone saw Media Hub submissions grow to over 5,500, which was 5,000 more than the previous day.

The wettest three months on record occurred from April to June in 2012. The Met Office reported that rainfall was at 145.3mm, which was more than twice as much usually expected. BBC News received over 15,000 submissions for the month of June, as people in the UK fought back floods and encountered travel disruption due to the excessive rainfall.

So, what other trends are there in public media submissions? Well, UGC submission data from the Media Hub platform shows that members of the public are using UGC more frequently than ever before, with entries nearly doubling from 2011-2012 and getting high each year.

The rise in volume also reflects not only a rise UGC creators, but potentially an increased awareness of the broadcaster/publisher submission services along with a stronger sense of freedom and enthusiasm from the public to share content with the world.

Similar to technological advancements on the content creator side, publishers are also reaping contemporary benefits to help them make the best use of growing levels of engagement. Media Hub features such as configurable search algorithms enable publishers to make smarter searches, which help find the best assets amongst thousands. Asset information features also allow publishers to rate or flag content, add information, as well as gather UGC comments left from the content creator.