Reclaim 50% of your revenue with StreamAMG’s Forensic Watermarking

As digital rights become worth as much or more than broadcast rights, the need for security increases. The 2017 Irdeto Global Consumer Piracy Survey cites a figure of 52% of consumers who are habituated to watching pirated content. In other words, it’s a reasonable working assumption that you’ll lose half your online revenue if it is not protected.

Protection means not only excellent DRM, but also the ability to monitor and take down abusers. Without effective takedown, DRM is rendered nearly useless: abusers will buy one subscription and use desktop-capture software to share the stream globally.

Speed is of the essence in the enforcement. Pirates will be able to distribute new links within minutes, so if it takes 30 minutes to locate and disable a stream, it remains practicable for it to be pirated (although more costly for the subscription-buyer).

In response to these considerations StreamAMG has developed the industry’s leading integrated solution. The combination of our award-winning (voted best 2017 Online Video Platform by video platform, DRM (Playready, Widevine and FairPlay) and our own Forensic Watermarking service provides the best revenue protection available.

The solution works by flashing up a unique identifier, which allows individual revocation of streams. As our GM of Sports, Matt McKiernan explains,

‘We launched our service in time for the 2017-18 season, where the expansion of rights for the EFL clubs is creating real online revenue. There is nothing so satisfying as seeing a pirated stream suddenly turn in to a picture of the abusers desktop as they try desperately to work out what is going on!’

The service is designed to be fully compliant with rights requirements, as David Scriven from QPR remarks,

‘StreamAMG’s forensic watermarking and DRM tools have allowed us to leave the central EFL digital deal and be able to deliver our own international streaming service that conforms to the EFLs broadcast rules and regulations. This gives us the peace of mind that not only are pirated streams dealt with but also our subscription revenues are not impacted.’