Introducing Cloud Pay, StreamAMG’s Subscription Management Solution

In the commercial world of OTT, fans expect more than a one-size fits all approach to subscription. A powerful payment solution, lets publishers keep their customers and generate more revenue.

StreamAMG’s integrated payment solution allows rights-holders to control and manage their subscribers. Cloud Pay boasts a range of options, from package creation to anti-churn features.

With Cloud Pay rights holders can create discount codes or gifts for subscribers. They can geo-block payments for video in line with distribution agreements. And they can access analytics, gaining insights to improve their packages and promotions.

For StreamAMG CEO Duncan Burbidge, it’s important to balance features and simplicity when it comes to online payment. “For the consumer, simplicity is everything. The time it takes to make transactions should be minimal, but the payment options should carry comprehensive choices and freedoms. For publishers, knowledge and information on consumers carry great value. Cloud Pay makes payment more efficient, reliable but most of all, practical.”

Subscription Management Features

Features include:
• Supports most modern payment methods and currencies, including PayPal and Stripe;
• Comprehensive range of paywall settings from 30-second previews advertising subscription-based content, to one-off live streams, requiring a one-off content access fee;
• Detailed payment analytics that allows publishers and content owners to make the most out of their content and learn more about their customers;
• Backed by the power of StreamAMG’s Media Platform and the Akamai Global CDN;
• Customise logos, messages, and responses;
• Supports multiple languages, currencies and most modern payment methods

Already many of our clients are using the solution. If you would like to hear more about how we can help you generate revenue from your video then get in touch at or call us at 0800 061 2361.