How to move video marketing from a cost centre to a profit centre

It’s never been more cost effective to produce and broadcast videos for marketing efforts. You no longer need to have access to expensive equipment or big agency budgets. With a modest budget and a few online courses, you can start creating your own useful videos, demonstrating the value of your products and services.

But that doesn’t mean you should start producing video without a clear strategy. Instead, video should take a clear section within your marketing mix. It should provide you a clear indicator on your return, just like any other campaign or event.

Get started by looking at your business goals. Most businesses are interested in using video to either generate leads or nurture those leads to help the sales team. In this post, we’ll show you the reasons why you should be creating video in your marketing mix, and then how to properly measure and improve the return with a dedicated video platform.

Generating and nurturing customers with useful video

According to IDG Research Services survey, What Media and Devices Motivate B2B Tech Buyers, 95% of B2B tech buyers view informational videos before signing a contract, and 82% of those respondents share videos with colleagues.

Through video, you can better explain complicated systems, show your products and services in action and demonstrate real customer testimonials and case studies. These videos have utility and are shareable.

According to brand new research from Google, they found that nearly 1 in 3 millenials claim to have made a purchase as a result of watching a tutorial or ‘how to…’ video about a product. These micro ‘I want to do…’ moments are often watched on smartphones.

We know that audiences want to learn more and engage, and video can give you the edge in showing utility to your customers. The chart below shows the increase over time for the term ‘how to…’

Are you measuring for web statistics or marketing statistics?

With the analytics like you’ll find in free video hosting, you’re only looking at your video for web statistics – rather than your return on investment.

You’ll have metrics like followers, play counts, and so on, but they won’t translate into a real business value until you’ve started to attract them to your site.

With an online video platform, you’ll have access to marketing metrics like interaction, viewing trends and heatmaps. If you choose to gatekeep your on demand or live video behind a contact form, you can even gain access to the details of your audience, helping you to build and nurture leads.

Which stats do your C level executives really want to know?

Our platform integrates with Sitecore – the Gartner approved CMS for relationship marketing, customer experience and lead nurturing. With this powerful integration, you’ll start to measure your video for marketic metrics like:

  • Social connections
  • Social page views
  • Video shares
  • Trends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Social clicks
  • Chatter level.

By now, we’re sure that you see that video is much more than attractive real estate for your website. The investment doesn’t need to be huge, and you end up with valuable assets that inform and educate your audience.