Here’s 3 reasons why you should pay attention to the ConnectedTV Summit

Today and tomorrow, hundreds of streaming industry professionals will meet at the Connected TV World Summit in London’s Kings Place. The day will be a great event to discuss pressing topics in the industry. In particular, there are three big topics that we’re interested in:

1. Broadband Sports

First up, Broadband Sports, which is our biggest sector for growth. This year has seen some us win some fantastic contracts with Aston Villa and the Football League. In fact, we can now claim that we look after the video platforms for 95% of the UK football market.

Adobe Digital Index’s report revealed the numbers of users watching sports video streams are surging by 640%, year on year. As cord cutting accelerates and traditional TV declines, there’s a chance to reach new audiences.

The market for broadband distributed sports content is expected to grow significantly and we’re excited to see how sports rights holders are finding audiences for their content.

2. Pay TV & OTT

Audiences now have access to a huge range of services offering video content online.

Internet delivered or OTT video services are not yet close to being the mainstream way for consumers to access sports video. However, the internet will surely become the primary place for video content as the ‘YouTube generation’ grow older and gain disposable income. Not having the building blocks in place could put providers at a real competitive disadvantage.

We’re interested in seeing strategies to see how Pay TV providers can be ahead of the curve for this next generation of viewers.

3. Digital First

The online and TV worlds are overlapping. Broadcasters are exploring ways to engage with audiences across a range of devices, including Smart TVs and 4K TVs.

This is a topic we’re really interested in, and that’s why we’ll also be at the Broadcast Digital Awards tonight – sponsoring the best live online coverage by broadcasters.

In the meantime, our team are gearing up to stream the live event today, and we’ll post up a full report and analysis on Friday. Look forward to seeing you today!