The ‘Great Firewall’ – Streaming to China

Here at StreamAMG we are always striving to aid our clients in their quests to make the most out of their video content. Due to demand, recently we have been working hard to ensure the ability for our networks to be able to deliver content to China, as smoothly as the rest of the world.

We have optimised our Asian delivery using Edge servers and this has resulted in the same performance as internal Chinese content delivery networks. This gives our clients the flexibility and access to the Chinese market, while removing the costs of basing servers within the country or applying for an ICP license.

While a great deal is made of the ‘Great Firewall of China’, the reality is that the blocks are done from known content providers rather than at a CDN layer. So the onus is on our clients to ensure that their content is appropriate for China and if so, it can be streamed.

1 in 5 internet users are from China, and our sports clients in particular are keen to enter this market. As a report from the sports consulting agency Mailman notes: “China has become the number one market for fan growth, revenue opportunities and untapped sponsorship.”

However StreamAMG’s experience in streaming to China does not just apply to sport. We have worked for many years to deliver educational content to China alongside the British Council too, with the service offering various guides and tips to help viewers better understand British culture and the nuances of the English language.

If you are interested in hearing more about our abilities to deliver your content to China then why not get in touch by emailing or call us at 0800 061 2361.