Fans are the Kings: Why content alone is not enough…

We’ve all heard the phrase Content is King. It’s the mantra of presentations at both digital and sports technology events.

I don’t think this is true, though. In this post, I’ll argue that the fans are the real king, and their needs should be considered before content, rather than the other way round.

By taking this view, we have to accept that fans are demanding a lot from their services. Content by itself is not enough any more. Fans want additional features, like streaming to consoles, mobile streaming and streamlined user experiences.

Part of it in my opinion is due to video. Video content makes the difference in each sport organization, but unfortunately there are still many sport clubs and federations that can’t get engagement with their video content. Either their platform is lacking in features, or they host it on a third party website without proper tracking or monetization options.

Worse yet, some clubs and federations are not considering the digital strategy as a key successful factor, and they will regret this decision in the future when they will look at their “neighbours” increasing the digital revenues at 3 digit growth on a yearly basis.

However, there are more sports businesses realising the power of their own video platform. This is the point where they begin to look for a partner in online video. This isn’t an easy task to analyse such a competitive market, especially if you are not coming from a digital environment or are unsure of how online video delivery works.

Most of the sport companies that I talk to are open to increasing their revenues and at the same time meet fan’ expectations. These business needs roughly translate into the digital details and design. Just to be clear, design doesn’t just mean layout but means the architecture strategy of doing the things properly according to the company’s aims.

In the video industry related to Sport, currently I see an important switch from advertising income to pay-per-view and subscription content.

There are companies that have been ahead of the curve, including, who provide a great user experience and quality of the video. I’m glad to say that I had worked in that team in my past work experience…

Now also the world of football is switching to it: in the UK, 80% of football clubs are now delivering a great service with the best media platform available in the market and they apply successfully a pay-per-view or subscription strategy.

In South Europe, starting from Italy and France, I’m predicting a big change over the coming months. I’m personally excited for a number of new projects, as a company first and as an individual second.

There is a huge amount of work to do helping so many sport organizations to professionalised their self in the digital sport business. It’s just the beginning.

Written by Fabio Gallo, Head of Business Development for EMEA