Exciting Updates see HTML5 and DVR Player Additions to Media Platform

StreamAMG are committed to consistently developing our products and bringing our clients a video content management solution that gives them the flexibility that they need to get the most out of their videos. To that end we have released two new updates onto our flagship product Media Platform.

These latest updates see two major changes within Media Platform, that allow our clients to continue to deliver the very best, smoothest and most customisable content, in the most stable fashion possible. The updates see both a move to HTML5 and the launch of our own DVR Player, which is set to transform the way that users can view their content.

Move to HTML5

With the lifetime of Flash coming to an end, a really good HTML5 player is essential for any organisation looking to produce video content. With this in mind, Media Platform’s latest feature is set to have a big impact, allowing the Flash-free playback of all streaming content for our clients, removing any fear for them associated with the news that Google is set to end Chrome Flash support by the end of 2016.

Developed by the Kaltura Open Source community, this latest update gives users not only multi-platform support to ensure the best possible service regardless of device used, but also the fastest player load time of any competitor product. This ensures users don’t have to wait for their content, and therefore greatly reduces drop off levels and ensures that your content is seen by those who you want to see it, when they want to see it.


Not only is the player fast and super reliable, it is also highly customisable within Media Platform, including the option for seven key sponsorship or branding activation points. This provides businesses with a player that can seamlessly fit with their existing website design, and stands out above any competitor products.


DVR Player

Our second update, developed by our team at StreamAMG, significantly adds to the user experience and allows the smooth transition from live to on-demand for the fans. This high impact update prevents the inevitable loss in revenue that would be seen without it, as users’ demands for how they can view content grow ever greater.

Features include:

  • Simple player controls with clear visual distinction on the player to allow users to rewind, forward and switch between on-demand and live streaming, giving them the power they desire
  • Your audience will never miss any part of your live event, with the ability to rewind, forward the live stream at will, adding to the appeal of your service


  • Customisable DVR window, allowing you to control how far back from your actual event your audience can go, allowing you to still have control over your content despite the increase in flexibility for the user
  • Ability to clear DVR window manually or allow system to automatically clear daily at your chosen time for 24/7 live streams
  • Powered by the same content delivery network, used for the world biggest live events (Akamai)

Keen to find out more?

If you want to explore how you can safeguard your video content and deliver through a platform that not only greatly enhances the user experience but also puts you in full control of your videos, then get in touch to see how we can help you.