Do you really know how well your video performs?

You’re competing for audiences who have too little time, too little attention and way too much information to consume. You know that relevant, useful and entertaining videos cause your audience to sit up and pay attention. But do you really know the true value that your video delivers?

Digital marketing gives you data and insight on every campaign you produce. And your online video shouldn’t be any different.

Our online video platform integrates with popular CMSs like WordPress, Moodle and Sitecore to give you the same level of data as your other campaigns.

Faster video management and improved analytics with our WordPress plugin

Chances are you’re familiar with WordPress, the CMS which powers 23% of the internet. Where other video plugins allow you to embed their content in WordPress, our plugin gives you complete control over the user experience.

Beyond viewer impressions, you’ll be able to see who has viewed a certain video and for how long. This gives you actionable insight for your sales team. They’ll no longer approach clients cold, but they’ll know the types of content their prospects have looked at.

Sell more and personalise your marketing with our Sitecore plugin

StreamAMG has partnered with Sitecore – the CMS that helps businesses sell more and market more efficiently. With streaming video becoming a hot topic for Sitecore’s clients – they needed to work with a video platform which measured the exact ROI on every piece of video.

UK premiership teams like Aston Villa and Everton, along with their digital agency, Rippleffect, trust our Sitecore plugin to deliver video to thousands of fans.

See it in action on EvertonTV

Flip the classroom and improve the student experience with our Moodle plugin

Moodle mirrors the classroom experience with powerful tools for learning. With our Moodle plugin, you can integrate previously filmed lectures into the experience, add fully featured videos and livestream classes across the globe.

Increase the reach of your content with our social plugins

You shouldn’t ignore YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. These are both key to your video strategy, and you can use them to drive traffic back to your website.

YouTube is the second most used search engine. Facebook is the most popular social network. Twitter has revolutionised the way audiences stay up to date with news and events.

Our Media Platform integrates with all of these networks. We’ve also partnered with SnappyTV to integrate our feeds into your workflows. This means you can post real time, shareable highlights on your audience’s Twitter feeds.

With our dedicated video platform, you can create a video strategy which results in real returns.