Closed captions made easy with StreamTranscribe

Closed captions and transcription have long been a major headache for broadcasters and video content producers. Solutions have either been expensive and slow, or hopelessly inaccurate.

Yet accurate captions deliver a big boost to audience engagement.

  • Viewers typically spend a third longer watching a video, and watch more videos on mobile devices, when there are captions.
  • W3C recommendations insist accessibility is essential for high quality websites.
  • Search engine bots can read closed caption text files, so they can improve your video SEO by increasing search traffic, pushing your video up the rankings and aligning your video content to keyword strategy.

StreamTranscribe now provides a simple, affordable and highly accurate solution. StreamAMG’s Media Platform uses state of the art machine learning to transcribe speech and automatically generate closed captions.

It’s ready for immediate use by simply selecting individual video files in Media Platform, or by setting automatic transcription as the default for all video files. No need for file uploads or 24-hour turnarounds.

But is it accurate?

Duncan Burbidge, StreamAMG’s CEO, says accuracy is remarkably high. “StreamTranscribe is built around the world-leading Amazon Transcribe service, which offers 99.67% accuracy. StreamTranscribe sets a new standard in video captioning.”

Machine learning means StreamTranscribe automatically improves accuracy by learning each time it is used. It recognises multiple speakers and custom vocabulary, so our clients can pre-set specialist phrases to appear correctly. Time stamping is also automatic, recording each word to make it easy to search.

There are no setup costs or subscription charges, just a great value charge per minute used. The online user dashboard makes it easy keep track of usage at any time.

Real-time transcription has multiple use cases for video managers, from sports commentary and education to making all your published videos accessible.

If you already use Media Platform, you can get started with StreamTranscribe right away. Just call us on 0800 061 2361 and we’ll get you set up in no time.