Why online video is shaking up the way businesses train

One of the best things a business can do is invest in its employees. By investing in their employees, they can improve performance, increase innovation and enhance the value they bring to clients. That’s why CPD (continuing professional development) is a hot topic for business leaders. But in larger organisations, how can you deliver engaging development at a reasonable cost?

Here is where the power for online video lies. With streaming technology and affordable video production, you can reach more employees without having to spend big. When you consider the costs of a video platform against training sessions, text books and seminars, streaming video could well be the most cost effective solution for CPD in your business.

Costs aside, there are three even bigger reasons why online video is changing the face of CPD.


1. It gives businesses the benefits of in class learning, wherever they’re based


Training sessions require space and time – both valuable commodities that most businesses can’t afford to give up. What’s more, you’ll have to organise your employees to all meet the same day for training, or face running additional training days.

Of course, you can deliver training through books and websites, but in a digital, visual led culture – is that really your strongest option? Will you get the same results?

Susan Weinscheck, PhD, has discovered a number of reasons why video makes for a better learning solution. Her extensive research shows the Fusiform Facial part of our brand makes us pay more attention and engage with what we’re learning.


2. It’s flexible


Of course, online video can be paused, skipped and rewatched ad infinitum. This places the power of learning firmly in each individual’s hands. They can choose the best times to study, and they can repeat the content until they feel that they have a good grasp of it.

In his TED talk, Salman Khan, the founder of a leading online education platform, describes how video can impact on teaching and learning. He argues that online video learning flips the classroom model on its head. Learners are given the power to digest lecture content at their pace and explore content more deeply by themselves.


3. It connects your business


Through social tools and online forums, you can encourage employees around the world to share their ideas. They can comment on videos together, record notes and even upload their own video responses. Through interactivity and multimedia, your business can engage better with your employees, and create more valuable learning experiences than textbook-based courses.


How can I use video for CPD in my organisation?


There’s clearly a lot to be gained through online video and CPD. How do you actually get started? It can be a daunting task, especially if this is your organisation’s first venture into online video. You’ll need to:

  • Shoot the lectures
  • Host the video on a secure platform
  • Make it accessible to your employees on multiple devices
  • Measure the impact of training on your organisation in granular detail
  • Deliver a well-branded, convenient and user friendly player (with optional slide integration)
  • Provide social tools for your employees to communicate and share ideas.


That’s all before you’ve dreamt up the educational outline, content and examinations. The good news is, however, you do not need to invest in an expensive video production company. StreamUK’s video solutions can provide the whole package, from shooting to editing to delivery and analysis.

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