Channel21 – enabling personalised TV for every shopper

How do Channel21 use real-time data to create personalised live TV to millions of viewers – without hiring an army of technicians?

The German shopping channel asked StreamAMG to build a video clipping solution to match each viewer’s purchasing behaviour. The aim was to drive sales growth through a personalised viewer experience.


Channel21, headquartered in Hannover, is one of the largest home shopping channels in Germany. It sells a range of products online and through specially designed teleshopping production. Channel21 can be received nationwide via satellite, cable and DVB-T in 95 percent of German TV households, serving almost 6 million customers.

Channel21 were looking to provide a better shopping experience for their viewers on their website. They also wanted to extract more value from the 8-10 hours of live TV they produce each day.

Channel21 Website


“The StreamAMG solution helps us to provide our web page visitors with the best possible content extracted from our live shows and other content produced specifically for the website”, commented Christian Kapitzke, Project Manager at Channel21 Shops.

StreamAMG’s Europe-based technical team worked closely with Channel21 to build a flexible, bespoke solution combining online video and ecommerce tailored to viewers’ interests. The solution quickly and easily presents online shoppers with relevant clips of top performing products from the TV livestream and native online video assets.

Built on the proven StreamAMG Media Platform, the system automatically extracts and clips video from Channel21’s live stream. It categorises and publishes snippets directly to the online store through Media Platform and YouTube players. Clip selection is driven by the performance of individual products in real-time.

The solution is completely automated, and is controlled by Channel21’s central transaction platform via REST-APIs. As well as automating the live clipping, it links and categorises other video content produced for the website and uploaded manually through Media Platform.

Taken as a whole, the solution allows Channel21 to convert their live stream effortlessly into bite-sized online video assets. It delivers the assets straight to customers, all while giving Channel21 total control of their online video.


Channel21 massively increased the amount of video they delivered to shoppers. They can reach and engage their customers online more effectively, without increasing their production output.

By clipping and publishing videos selected by customer behaviour, Channel21 maximised the potential of individual products to increase sales. The automated process also resulted in lower costs by removing manual, time-consuming steps. The channel saw an immediate increase in service level, benefitting from faster encoding speeds, further improving the viewer experience.

“Working with StreamAMG has been a pleasure,” said Hinrich Boog, Senior Project Manager for IT Processes at Channel21. “Their team has proven themselves to be competent and fair throughout.”

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