World Book Day delivers the biggest book show on Earth with Media Platform

World Book Day works to encourage a passion for books and reading in children across the world. Since 2011, StreamAMG has provided the organisation with the means to upload, edit and broadcast video content in schools around the UK.

World Book Day’s annual March event is a great opportunity for thousands of school children to engage with authors, and celebrate books and the joy of reading.

StreamAMG has worked with World Book Day for four years, delivering their content to 45,000 schools in the UK and Ireland throughout the year from

StreamAMG’s media platform has been key to providing this service. Not only does it solve the problem that YouTube is blocked in the majority of schools, but the simple workflows mean that videos can be quickly uploaded, edited, tagged and broadcast in classrooms and school halls around the UK.

World Book Day can also create custom player designs and analyse the popularity of the content via StreamUK’s robust analytics.

StreamAMG’s solutions are set up to maximise the educational potential of video and overcome a number of obstacles regularly experienced by teachers.

Multi-format streaming

StreamUK’s solutions are compatible with 99.5 per cent of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. This means more people can be reached.


Adaptive streaming

We deliver the best quality based on the detected internet connection speed.


By embedding native players, we avoid the issue of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo being blocked by firewalls. Players are fully compatible with subtitles, closed captioning and 508 compliant accessibility (for example, assistive technology for deaf, blind and disabled users).

Media Platform

Media Platform

You’ve got video content and an audience you want to reach. But you need ways to manage that content, publish it to a demanding audience and allow your team to work in synchronisation.

Media Platform gives you total control over your online video. It’s scalable and has the flexibility that you need. Built on the Kaltura CE framework, it offers numerous tools for the content owner to make the most out video and audio assets through SEO optimisation via tagging and metadata, customisable players and thorough statistics for performance analysis.

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