The IET has a huge archive of educational content which needs to be managed and delivered efficiently via their public facing site.

The IET has a huge archive of educational content which needs to be managed and delivered efficiently via their public facing site,

The IET offers a number of channels on, ranging from manufacturing experts discussing how they create aerospace models for Bugatti’s only airplane, to demonstrations of a Rubik’s cube solving machine made of Lego! These channels provide a corporate space to deliver presentations, product launches and demonstrations, whilst also providing academic institutions a space to stream conferences and lectures.

As a result of their vast requirements, the IET needed a way for all this content to be curated efficiently, in a manner which is easily accessible to viewers and held in a public facing site. StreamAMG was more than prepared to handle these needs. Our product Stream Media Platform (StreamMP) meant that the content could be neatly arranged into categories and channels, allowing viewers to quickly find the content they are looking for. The IET’s team can now upload content from anywhere, edit it and then push to the website, all within one platform. Their team can then curate the content through advanced admin controls, as well as understand their audiences precisely with in-depth analytical tools all provided through our one system.

StreamAMG also migrated the IET’s content and thousands of assets onto the StreamAMG platform, to drive’s channel-based site structure. Combining automated transcoding with intuitive moderation and distribution tools, StreamMP is used retrospectively with existing media as well as providing advanced content management for the future.

All of this resulted in a fantastic extension of the IET’s digital presence, presenting high quality content in a professional digital environment. Over 26 days’ worth of content has been viewed, with over 50,588 player impressions. Amazing figures which help to promote the IET’s to its members, educational institutions and corporations and to show off the newest developments within the industry, with viewers tuning in from Namibia to New Zealand!

StreamAMG has worked tirelessly in providing bespoke solutions to a variety of organisations ranging from the BBC, World Book Day, Liverpool FC and the European Council. For more information visit our website at:

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Media Platform

Media Platform

You’ve got video content and an audience you want to reach. But you need ways to manage that content, publish it to a demanding audience and allow your team to work in synchronisation.

Media Platform gives you total control over your online video. It’s scalable and has the flexibility that you need. Built on the Kaltura CE framework, it offers numerous tools for the content owner to make the most out video and audio assets through SEO optimisation via tagging and metadata, customisable players and thorough statistics for performance analysis.

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