The British Council

Since 2003, StreamAMG has worked with the British Council to provide them with a way to seamlessly host their educational video content. Having received its Royal Charter in 1940, The British Council has worked tirelessly since to foster educational and cultural opportunities across six continents, be that through promoting the arts or teaching the nuances of the myriad of British dialects. Whether you are a newcomer to the UK hoping to learn more about your new home, or an expat who misses the British Isles and its culture, the British Council is at your service.

The British Council has a vast amount of video content which needed to be accessible to both staff and visitors in a simple manner. Thus StreamAMG built a library feature for tagging its content, allowing for different departments to quickly and simply request the required videos. By using StreamAMG, the British Council also retained their intellectual property rights of their content, and therefore they are able to do as they wish with their videos.

Taking into account the international nature of The British Council, StreamAMG set up user access in 140 of their global offices, not all of which were in the best locations for connectivity speed. However, StreamAMG ensured that the quality of delivery remained the same no matter where you are in the world . This is because of our extensive use of the Amazon Cloud Network to push our on-demand content, which allows for a greater level of availability and scalability.

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