Simplifying user generated content for the BBC

StreamAMG has worked with the BBC since 2007, when the News service sought an alternative to over-crowded inboxes.

The BBC have always been proud of the lengths that they go to, to engage with their audiences. StreamAMG aided the BBC in reaching these goals by providing a way for audiences to upload video content to their websites, having worked with them on various projects since 2007.

Often when running competitions the BBC was keen on seeing their audiences submitting videos. This could be found on many of their most popular programmes such as Springwatch, The One Show and CBBC. Beforehand these videos were simply emailed in, which raised issues with file sizes and resulted in some extremely over-crowded inboxes.

What StreamAMG provided was a platform, which could receive content in a variety of different formats from video clips, to audio and pictures. This content was being delivered from a vast range of sources by the general public, from MMS, email, FTP, web form and even dropped through the letter box! Our back-end transcoding ensured that all content could be treated efficiently and a smooth playback across all devices was guaranteed.

What became of particular use to the BBC was the intelligent search feature. This allows content to be ordered according to a configurable, 20-variable search system. Thus the BBC can filter out content and quickly find what they need, speeding up the process time.

Since that time the platform has grown and is now used for not only user-generated content but also the syndication and repackaging of content for over 200 global partners, with everything from distribution platforms like YouTube through to commercial partners of BBC World. The system is now used by BBC News, 15 of the BBC World Service language services and BBC World itself.

The unique ability of the platform allows it to interpret and transform not only media but also XML, and this has led to the BBC using it for the repackaging of its own internal newsfeeds.

Our solution is used by over 20 different language services within the BBC World Service including Russian, Burmese, Pashto and Hausa.

Overall StreamAMG’s services to the BBC have aided them in providing unique ways for them to connect with their audiences as well as facilitate greater levels of communication between them and their partners.

We needed a system that could handle huge volumes and intelligently filter content, whilst respecting editorial control. StreamAMG built us just what we needed and has gone on to become the hub of our multimedia operation.