The Supreme Court uses Media Platform to reduce the time and resources needed to publish information

StreamAMG provided the Supreme Court with a solution to live stream two courts simultaneously. The Supreme Court then archive and manage all recordings with Media Platform, providing a video on demand service to the public.

The Supreme Court has had broadcast quality video equipment since inception in October 2009 which has been used to record court proceedings and provide a live stream to Millbank TV studios for broadcasters.

The court has been keen to exploit the technology in the building to fulfil the remit of transparency to the public.  In order to give access as easily as possible to hearings and judgments, a solution was required where two courts could be streamed simultaneously. A video-on-demand service to allow access to previous recordings would also be required.

We were approached to help service the pre-existing multimedia centre at the Supreme Court. StreamAMG’s award winning Media Platform has been used to archive and manage video content that is generated from the various high-profile hearings which has then been made available on-demand for public consumption.

In October 2014, following a consultancy phase with StreamAMG, began live streaming from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court handle their own multi-camera solution and production expertise while StreamAMG live encode to a custom built live player embedded on  and

There has been a steady growth in audience numbers since then, with hundreds of people watching the proceedings over the three courts.

Media Platform’s YouTube syndication functionality also means that Supreme Court staff can streamline their workflows by auto-uploading content to their channel. The stream has been broadcast on Sky News via and has also been picked up by The Times:



StreamAMG’s Media Platform provides a tailored and inclusive service to the Supreme Court.  The quality and reliability of both streamed and on-demand video is exceptional and, along with excellent technical support, provides a perfect interface in order that we can meet our client’s high level of expectation.

Andy Watson
Broadcast Team Leader, The Supreme Court
Media Platform

Media Platform

You’ve got video content and an audience you want to reach. But you need ways to manage that content, publish it to a demanding audience and allow your team to work in synchronisation.

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