StreamLC forming an integral part of the learning experience at Macromedia Univesity

Macromedia University (Hochschule Macromedia, University of Applied Sciences) is the largest private university for Media, Management and Communication in Germany. Founded in 2006, Macromedia has 2232 students, who are spread across 6 campuses across the country in Munich, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

After taking part in a trial of our Stream Lecture Capture (StreamLC) system, the President and Co-founder of Macromedia University Professor Jürgen Faust, decided that he felt it was within the University’s best interests to roll out StreamLC to all campuses of the institution.

Beginning mid-January 2017, StreamLC now forms an integral part of the learning experience of the students at Macromedia. With its emphasis on Media Studies, video content is extremely important to the courses offered and allows students the perfect tools to gain a greater understanding of the subject matter, in a way that’s suits their needs and requirements.

StreamLC is fully integrated into the university’s Moodle environment, allowing all of its students access to the top quality content being produced with ease by the faculty. A mixture of both professional cameras and laptop based webcams mean that the solution is entirely scalable and that the lecturer has a wide range of options at their disposal in how they want to record, as well as saving vast amounts of time for themselves. StreamLC’s scalable players means that students can view content on the go on their mobile devices too, thus representing the modern outlook of the institution’s ethos.

StreamAMG has had vast experience in working with a variety of different businesses and organisations in a number of different sectors, to provide bespoke solutions to meet the needs of our clients. It is important to us to aid the Higher Education Sector in providing as much content as possible to their student body to help improve learning experiences, while aiding staff in saving time and allowing them to focus on imparting their vast knowledge onto their pupils. We believe that StreamLC gives them even greater tools to do this.

“We are looking to continuously provide our students with the latest learning methods, and I think that StreamAMG’s Lecture Capture Software is just the right solution to keep the University performing to the highest standards. Lecture Capture is definitely a must for a Media and Communications University and this is the best solution.” - Professor Jürgen Faust, President and Co-founder of Macromedia University.

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