StreamAMG powers the video of the Supreme Court for the Brexit Article 50 Appeal

The Supreme Court live streams all of its hearings, to fulfil the remit of transparency to the public and allow people to watch the proceedings as they take place. The Brexit Article 50 appeal case occurring between the 5th to the 8th of December, was one of the highest profile appeals since the court’s establishment in October 2009. The increased interest in this specific case meant that this service needed to be upgraded to ensure that public viewing demand could be met. In order to establish the very best quality solution was in place, The Supreme Court worked alongside StreamAMG to guarantee that the high demands could be met with an award winning video service.

StreamAMG’s solution provided the means for the court’s hearings to be live streamed with the utmost efficiency and quality, to ensure that viewers around the world were able to watch the events taking place. StreamAMG’s focus was on ensuring that the entire operation was streamed as smoothly as possible using its award winning video platforms. Encoders allowed the creation and the embedding of a custom built live player, which can be seen at: and

The case received more than 257,000 plays on the Supreme Court website alone, with many broadcasters such as Sky News and The Times choosing to use this stream to reach an even greater number of viewers. The stream was a great success and not only in the United Kingdom. Audience numbers outside of the UK were also high, with for instance 1,503 joining all the way from Malaysia.

A key part of the solution was the inclusion of StreamAMG’s award winning Media Platform. This allows the functionality for viewers to access the recordings of the live stream on-demand as well as live. Thus enabling people to go back to the hearings and view them at their own leisure, which further increased the amount of traffic viewing the content and landing on the pages. The Supreme Court has been using Media Platform since 2014 to archive and manage their video content.

We at StreamAMG take great pride in our solution, providing a way for the general public to view and interact with such an important period in the history of British politics and law.

“Our continuing relationship with StreamAMG allows us the flexibility and outreach to communicate with an increasingly global audience.

The reliability of the live streams and on-demand content has proved invaluable in our remit to deliver content to users both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

The process, from defining our requirement to final delivery, was handled quickly and professionally, and the quality of the final product has received a good deal of positive feedback, both in the legal profession and from the general public.”

Andy Watson
Broadcast Manager
Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

Media Platform

Media Platform

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