How we helped the Italian Basketball League gain 1,000 subscribers in five days

In the summer of 2015, the LNP appointed StreamAMG to build a direct-to-consumer streaming product.

Italy has one of the world’s longest basketball traditions. Their national basketball team has picked up multiple medals in the Olympics and world championships. The Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro (LNP) is the top league for basketball in Italy.

In the summer of 2015, the LNP appointed StreamAMG to build a direct-to-consumer streaming product. This meant building the whole experience for the end user: an intuitive website, a subscription and payment service, and the seamless delivery of HD video on an infrastructure that can handle thousands of concurrent viewers, globally.


We saw three opportunities for a streaming service for Italian basketball:

  • The quality of the product on offer
  • The ability to cooperate with the leaders of the organisation
  • The passion shown by the fans of the sport.

These opportunities – and our previous experience working on projects like GAAGo and the Football League – convinced us that the market was ready for such a service.


The project was led by Fabio Gallo, Head of Business Development for Sports. Fabio coordinated with our development and infrastructure teams to build and test the product.

As the lead time was just two months for the project, it was critical that our communication was extremely clear and tight. A native Italian speaker, Fabio was able to respond quickly to the client and ensure smooth communications and updates as the product was built.

We extensively researched the Italian sports and online video markets, along with the knowledge from our own client base. We then built a pricing model factored on:

  • The sport itself
  • The competitiveness of the league
  • The exclusivity of the content, and any competing broadcast deals
  • The number of games
  • The quality of the production and streaming
  • The availability of archived games
  • The number of games to be made available.


After the successful launch on October 1, the service gained 1,000 customers in the first five days. It has continued to steadily pick up customers, each paying either €9.95 a month or €49.95 for the whole season.

Following a series of joint campaigns, the project has received extensive press coverage in both Italy and the UK. It is the first time a platform of this nature has existed, and it proves the power of online video for regional sports leagues.

Broadcasting every game live is an ambitious project, but with StreamAMG we have made that happen.


The LNP has been praised worldwide for its high octane match ups and its unique talent. With the launch of LNP TV Pass, we are meeting the fans’ needs and building a platform for the growth of Italian basketball.

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