Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

StreamAMG has worked closely with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries for a number of years to provide the video platform behind their online modules and courses.

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) represents and regulates over 30,000 members worldwide and is the only chartered professional actuarial body in the UK. They oversee the education, professional codes, development and disciplinary standards at all stages of qualification and development throughout their members’ careers. We were tasked with making sure the IFoA could effectively communicate all of this information to its members, and tracking that members were fully completing its CPD courses.

StreamAMG’s award-winning Media Platform allowed the IFoA to add a wealth of video content to their online courses. By integrating our Media Platform with the pre-existing learning management software that the IFoA was using, Moodle, they could drop video content straight on to a topic page to sit alongside other CPD materials.

Another important feature that the IFoA needed was a way to track that members were actually completing the online video courses, which was where our Media Platform’s analytics stepped in. The analytics feed can display the video completion rate for each individual user, allowing supervisors to check whether members are viewing their assigned videos in full.

The IFoA regularly streams out to China, which presents its own unique set of challenges. Fortunately StreamAMG is experienced in the field, helping a variety of organisations ranging from Liverpool FC to the British Council in order to reach the vast audiences within the country. This is achieved by optimising our Asian delivery using Edge servers and this has resulted in the same performance as internal Chinese content delivery networks. This gives our clients the flexibility and access to the Chinese market, while removing the costs of basing servers within the country or applying for an ICP license.

Not only is this content available through the IFoA website to members, the videos are fully scalable. This means that content can be viewed on the go, whether on a laptop or mobile device.

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