How ING improves lead generation through webinars

ING saw the opportunity to increase the size of its customer base and improve engagement with webinars. With the power of OnlineSeminar, ING is running the Financially Fit webinar campaign

The main goal for Financially Fit is to help inform customers of all their options, then provide them with the best package for their needs. To do this, ING provides demonstrations of their financial tools and gives free financial advice through webinars.


ING’s biggest challenge was to narrow the focus of their leads. By narrowing the focus, they could improve the quality of their leads. The sales team could therefore sell more efficiently and better meet the needs of their customers.

This is why thought leadership webinars work so well. With webinars, ING can use interactive features to see who is the most engaged and understand their customers’ needs.


We built a solution which:

  • Integrated seamlessly into their own CRM for follow ups
  • Optimised each webinar for conversion with chat, polls, and CTAs
  • Allowed smooth streaming and a clean user experience for thousands of delegates.

As the campaign is focused on customer interactivity, live chat was essential. We provided ING with a platform for one-on one conversation with financial consultants, and the ability to follow up on inquiries.

The webinars would have longevity, as they dealt with particular topics which would continually interest ING’s customers. OnlineSeminar automatically archives webinars in the platform for future audiences. This allows them to reach more viewers, and it gives them an ongoing source of information and lead generation data.


Financially Fit has been a huge success for ING. By communicating with their customers and informing them of what’s available, they’ve created a stronger customer base.

They’re now finding out from their customers what they want, so they can help them choose the right financial packages that meets their needs.


Webinars with OnlineSeminar

Webinars with OnlineSeminar

The OnlineSeminar webinar platform is expanding rapidly across Europe because many international clients have adopted the technology. Clients such as ING, BNP Paribas, Audi, ABN AMRO and Nike rely on the OnlineSeminar platform to communicate value.

StreamAMG has partnered with OnlineSeminar to bring lead generation webinars to the enterprise sector. With UK based account management, we can offer a full service which is interactive and innovative. We’re focused on delivering your story in the best possible way, with completely measurable results.

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